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AC Studios offers many different designs to which your organization can choose the best memory mate design to suit you. We will send you an examples of a player and your organization colours as a sample. We offer designs for you to choose, such as: On ice team and player photos, creative backdrops player and team photos and the most popular, Green Screen Technology player and team photo. All image prints and packages are delivered to organization 4-6 after last day of photo day.

Prior To Photo Day

AC Studios admin will be in contact with your admin personnel to discuss dates, start times, amount of time per team and so on. AC Studios admin will send out a envelopes to be handed out to teams prior to photo day so parents can choose their favourite packages in advance. 


AC Studios starts to set up on location roughly 1 hour prior to teams showing up. We have one assistant per photographer to keep track of player names and their image numbers as they are being photographed. We will also have an assistant on a desk to answer any questions and assist your organization with the photo day. 

Items Offered On Photo Day / Packages

AC studios offers a variety of products:


Memory Mates

10x26inch Player poster

8x10 prints

5x7 prints

Wallet sizes

Player Trading cards

Locker photos

Specialty collages & posters


Request For Information

AC Studios is more then  welcome to send you a package with detailed information of what we offer and pricing. Included in the package will have image prints of memory mates to show you examples of what we can create. If you are interested in receiving a package, please email us. Thank you

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